My true identity

111First of al I want to tell you that I am born and growed up in a country you know as Turkey untill I was 15 years old. I also studied in Turkish school. And in Turkish scholls we ben teached that the Turks are the most strongest, the bravest ans the most clever people in the world. We lieved blindly to what they told us. We didnt questioned the facts.

I also have been hited by the Turkish teachers when I spoked Kurdish.   Seeing that I was a child I tought the Kurdish language was a ugly language and I should avoid to speak it. That feeling comes with med to Sweden.

But when I came to Sweden I discovered that a lot of Turks are working as cleaners and pizza makers! That made me confoused and a lot of questions came upp in my mind. So one day when I came home from the school I asked my parents about the situation. Arent the Turks was the best in hole world? Off course not. We had been brainwashed by the Turkish goverment. Meanwhile we  forgotten our Kurdish identity. The only source of knowledge available at the time were provided solely Turkish Ministry of Education.

But about five years ago I get a cuff when I red a book wroten by Ingmar Carlsson. I poned my eyes and countreed  of intensive light which dazzled me intense. After couple seconds, when  my eyes has been used with the light, I could distinguishing the differs of abstract circumstances.

My hypnosis had ceased to exist and was replaced now by the security and serenity of the bright light gave me. I felt the harmony first absorbed and then begin circulating throughout my body. I felt reborn, I was in nirvana. I had found myself, and I had my real identity. I threw me off when the dark and dirty assimilation gown … So I felt when I had finished reading the book ” Kurdistan landet som icke är” by Ingmar Karlsson for around five years ago.

I started to rebel, revolt. I had realized the truth and I would do everything in my power to restore order. We were robbed of our identity, and I would make, along with my fellow citizens, that we regain our national identity.

In the 1800s it was blowing as we know, nationalism winds over Europe, but the winds never reached Kurdistan and we were never a nation state despite Kurdistan existed in Mesopotamia for thousands of years. Our country dismembered and occupied and our people were deprived of their individuality. Everything that had to do with Kurdistan was prohibited and the ability to find out the truth was minimal.

Today, by contrast, thanks to, among other things. a internet, a bunch of knowledge sources. This in turn has received numerous Kurdish youth around the world to find out the truth about their historical background. It has not been as easy for everyone, as in my case, but many are just in an identity crisis because they do not really know how to respond to the newfound truth. Should they continue to call themselves Turks / Arabs or Iranians and speak and teach their children the language spoken in these countries or should they leave everything behind and start to see themselves as Kurds and speak their own language Kurdish and fight for Kurdistan’s independence?

Here we can draw parallels with hipsternas revolt against society Ungkurdernas revolt against the four totalitarian regimes, namely Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria occupying Kurdistan with an iron fist. These young inner journey has just begun and the road is long and lined with thorny bushes. Their only method is rebellion and civil disobedience to persuade those in power to heed their demands for freedom and independence.

Nelson Mandela managed to overthrow the world’s most racist apartheid system in South Africa. Mandela, as our leader, Abdullah Ocalan, was imprisoned on an island and had branded as a terrorist. Today, there is Mandela Day set up by himself UN. Additionally managed Mahatma Gandhi defeating the colonial power, Britain, and created an independent India.

When we read and are familiar with Mandela and Gandhi and what they have accomplished, we feel hope. We also feel that we Kurds can defeat the enemy and form our own sovereign state. And in that way we can manage to get out of our identity crisis and become strong individuals who can handle the new victory.

Numan Semsuri




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