What is Newroz


Newroz is the Kurdish name of the Kurdish New Year which falls on the vernal equinox usually 21st March each year. Kurds celebrating Newroz by tradition as a New Year’s Day and to welcome nature’s resurrection.

Every year is celebrated Newroz with dances during fire parties. Eating in community with each other and visiting family and friends is an important part of the celebration. It has not always been obvious for Kurds to get together and ask the festivities in connection with the Kurdish New Year, as the countries occupying Kurdistan prohibited all Newroz celebration. Violation of prohibited punished with the prison. Thousands of Kurds have over the years been sentenced to long prison terms, and some of them have been subjected to torture.

Newroz has its origin in the Kurdish mythology. According to legend, an evil king, Zuhak, who ruled Kurdish territorial residence and the nearby region by having enslaved the Kurdish people. Zuhak suffered from a rare disease. According to the myth grew two large snakes on the tyrant’s shoulders. The snakes threatened Zuhak eating up his brain. The fear of death-fed Zuhak snakes with two children’s brains every day, a girl and a boy. Subsequently an abominable period where children were killed for their brain to feed the snakes on Zuhaks shafts.

During this period, thousands of children lost their lives, including seven of the blacksmith Kawas. Eventually urged Kurdish people to the blacksmith Kawa lead a rebellion against the evil king Zuhak. Kawa then led the uprising against Zuhak and on 21 March in the year 700 BC surrounded Zuhaks building and Kawa defeated palaces guards by means of its hammer. Whereupon he had killed two snakes at Zuhaks shoulders and tyrant Zuhak yourself. Kawa then dragged out Zuhak from the palace to show the people that the tyrant could no longer oppress them. He also explained to the people that they were now free.

In connection with the successful uprising was lit bonfires on hills and mountains around the country to broadcast news of Zuhaks death and the newfound freedom. Since then it has become a tradition of lighting bonfires every year when it’s time to begin the new Kurdish year, Newroz.

Today, Newroz has come to mean much more than just struggle, resistance and liberation of the Kurds. Because Newroz is not only a symbol of the overthrow of tyrants and liberate peoples without Newroz means friendship, fellowship, harmony, love and rebirth of flora and fauna in the same way. Peace pursuit beyond national borders is a common denominator for all people, even outside Kurdistan. These are values ​​that makes itself felt for Kurds and hopefully for the rest of the world so that we humans, at least for a day, can add all evil aside and feel the love and trust for each other.



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